We Are More Than Just a Shop!

We offer a lot more than just ready made clothes. We customize for every occasion as per the need of the parent. We express our love in the form of goodies for every order. We make sure to offer the best to our customers by taking into account their preferences and concerns and suggest options accordingly.

A lot of people in our supply chain (e.g. farmers, weavers, women tailors) are benefited with every order we dispatch.

Baby Girl

Choose from a wide range of tops, bottoms, dresses, lehenga sets, dhoti pant sets etc. Every design is made keeping your little angel's style and comfort in mind.


Gender neutral clothing is an efficient and sustainable fashion choice. We make unisex clothing ranging from casual to festive for your boys and girls.

Baby Boy

Do check out our wide range of designs for your little champ to rock every occasion. From casual shirt-short sets to traditional kurta-dhoti sets.


Homeschooling mom Business


A Little Something  For Everyone

Bowtie or a hat, ribbon or a clip

We started sending randomly selected goodies with every order. The happy smiles from our customers made us feel immensely satisfied. Ever since we started making some beautiful accessories that complemented our clothes.

So many people call us or whenever they visit our stall in a flea market, They say they want to buy something for their niece or nephew, Or for a friends child.

There will be cute little children in our lives. and to celebrate their presence with a gift, We made few sets. Worth checking out. Click below

Fabrics.. And the art of weaving

Cotton grown organically (using non-GMO seeds and without pesticides) is cleaned and spun into yarn either by hand or machine. The yarn is then colored using herbal/natural dyes and is woven into fabric. Most of our fabrics are hand-woven by artisans across India. We feel extremely previleged to work around and witness these rich heritage practices like hand spinning, hand weaving, hand block printing, natural dyeing etc.

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